Muse Fit Club Offers Fitness for Free

Jamie Bomberger, who runs the class, invites men and woman both to get a workout and learn more about fitness.

If you’re looking for a free workout—fitness coach included—then head over the Muse Volunteer Fire Department on Tuesdays, where a Fit Club is being held.

Yes, you read that correctly: Free.

Cecil Township’s Jamie Bomberger said she’s volunteered her services to all of those in the area who want to take those first steps to a more healthy lifestyle.

The Muse Fit Club was launched last month after Bomberger decided to use her experience as a Beach Body coach to help local folks on their way to a slimmer and healthier body.

She said she wanted to help others on their pathway to fitness—just like her coach helped her when she embarked on her “fitness journey” and lost weight she had gained during two pregnancies.

“It’s all about helping people,” she said.

And she said she will keep at it as long as she has a free venue at which to hold her workout sessions.

The workouts are a mix of cardio and ab work—and she said that it helped her to have a coach, and could help local folks reach their fitness goals more quickly.

“You have someone is there to motivate you and keep you on track,” Bomberger said.

And what’s more: There is no fancy equipment needed to get a stellar workout once a week at the fire house.

“Just bring a towel, a water bottle and a great attitude,” she said.

And while mostly women have come out to experience the workouts, Bomberger stresses that men are welcome, too.

“I wish the men would come out!” she added.

Worried you might be too out of shape to keep up?

No worries.

“You have to start somewhere,” Bomberger said. “It really doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. If you need to take a break, take a break.”

Interested? Then stop out to the Muse Volunteer Fire Department at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays. The workout starts at 6:30, and lasts for an hour.

Feel free to “like” her site on Facebook here, or email her at h2obabe96@yahoo.com for more information.

“This fit club is as much yours as it is mine,” she added.

Anna Coen February 08, 2013 at 05:22 PM
Thanks for a great idea and it's "FREE" It's great to know that Jamie is "Paying forward"
Kittypepper February 10, 2013 at 11:40 PM
I hope this article is being seen by a lot of people, for you are an inspiration for people to exercise and be healthy and eat well. I hope you have a good turnout at the Muse Fire Hall. I may have to stop by on a Tuesday evening. Good Luck to you.


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