Patch Pet of the Month: Viva la Vanna!

Do you have room in your heart and home for this gal?

Describing me as bubbly would be an understatement.

I'm just passing the 8-month-old mark, and I am thoroughly engaged with getting to know the whole, wide world and I will let nothing stand in my way.

I am enthralled, enthusiastic and effervescent, unafraid of anything and curious about everything. A few of the dogs are happy to spend time with me and the older ones just get out of my way.

I like every dog and every person I meet and so far it has worked out quite well. With my gawky frame, over-sized paws and Streisand schnoz, I am a real cutey-pie. You almost don’t notice that I'm missing one of my long hound ears.

I was one of a group of puppies whisked from the road and brought to the shelter by an attentive neighbor when we were just about 9 weeks old. My ear was missing way back then and I can't really say how it happened. I was adopted soon after I arrived and so were my other siblings, but I was returned because the people said I was always getting underfoot. HELLOOOO ... I'M STILL A PUPPY!

Now I'm called Vanna, probably after that pretty woman on TV who always has her hair done up in some fancy way. I'm pretty too. My asymmetrical ears make it look like my hair is pulled up on one side in a barrette! So now that you have my story, this little redbone coonhound is in need of a new home ... preferably one with kids because I am up for playtime most of the time.

In August I was at the Washington Fair greeting people at the Angel Ridge booth. All the kids wanted to hug and kiss me, pet me and play with me. It was exhausting, but I was very gentle and patient the entire time and finally I just pooped out and fell dead asleep right there amid the crowds and the noise.

People told me afterward how adorable I looked when I was snoozing in my crate. It's the only time I wasn't smiling.

I'm Vanna... the funny girl at Angel Ridge. Please come out and play with me.

If you have a question or would like to meet Vanna, call Judy at 724-223-9325 or Cindy at 412-576-3445, or email cindy.coupe@verizon.net.

Angel Ridge Animal Rescue


390 Old Hickory Ridge Road Washington, PA 15301


Hours: noon - 5 p.m. Tues.-Sun.


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