Waste Management's Washington Hauling Gives Back

Employees tried to give a little bit this past holiday season.

Waste Management’s Washington Hauling site employees made it their mission to give back this holiday season.

All last month, Barbara Elias, operations specialist, asked employees to bring in winter items that they no longer needed to be donated to Washington City Mission.

It was no surprise to Elias that the everyone rose to the occasion.

Employees brought in items such as gloves, jackets, scarves, socks, sweatshirts, hats and even a few blankets to be donated this holiday season. In total, the site was able to collect 10 boxes and bags, filled with cold-weather items to fit men, women, teenagers and children, to be donated to Washington City Mission.

“I just love doing things like this,” stated Elias. “The employees really get behind our drives and impress me all the time. It just feels good to be able to help the local community.”

Along with the clothing donation, Washing Hauling also gives information to the City Mission about the importance of safety, especially during the winter months.

“Unfortunately, we see a lot of homeless people seeking shelter in our garbage and recycling bins,” Rich Mogan, senior district manager, said. “Safety is our number one priority, and if our workers do not know they are in there, we could have a serious accident on our hands. The more information we can provide them the better.”

“This isn’t the first time we have given back,” said Elias added. “This past fall, our employees came together to support one of our own.”

In September, George Sentina, a mechanic at Waste Management’s Washington Hauling, was deployed for the third time to Afghanistan.

To show Sentina their support, coworkers organized a “Support Our Troops” giving center. Over a four week collection period, Waste Management employees donated a range of items, including snacks, health care necessities, reading material and games.


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