Facebook's Tale of Two Ed Asners

One Ed Asner Facebook page is fake, as is its donation claim to Dormont's Hollywood Theater, but another—a Facebook fan page—is run by the actor's son.

One Ed Asner Facebook page is fake, as is a donation pledge to Dormont's Hollywood Theater posted there, but as it turns out, another Facebook page legitimately links fans to the actor.

Asner's daughter and assistant, Liza Asner, confirmed in an email to Dormont-Brookline Patch that there does exist a Facebook fan page—not a personal page—as well as a Twitter account, that are run by associates of the actor.

The fan page for Ed Asner, which has 3,833 "likes," and the Twitter account @TheOnlyEdAsner both are managed by Asner's son, Matt.

When Dormont-Brookline Patch sent a question about the fake Facebook page to the Twitter account on Feb. 2, the response was this:

@DormontPatch that my dear is a fake Facebook page. I have a fan page on Facebook. I only do the twitter thing.

At the time, Patch was not able to confirm the validity of the Twitter account, but Matt Asner has since posted a note on the Facebook fan page indicating the same. Liza Asner confirmed this information to Patch on Wednesday.

The personal-looking Facebook page bearing Asner's name and biography—as well as the donation pledge posted there—were confirmed to be fake last week. Click here to read the story and click here to read theater manager Chad Hunter's reaction.

And remember, if you're following the actor on social media, make sure it's @TheOnlyEdAsner.

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Amanda Gillooly February 07, 2013 at 02:35 PM
I love his response. "I only do the Twitter thing." :)
Erin Faulk February 07, 2013 at 07:50 PM
I thought it was great! Glad to know now that it really was someone related to him.


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