It's Not Too Late to Vote for Pop Music Hall of Fame Inductees

Who will be inducted into America's Pop Music Hall of Fame based in Canonsburg? It's still up to you—vote now!

Who will it be? Elvis? Frank Sinatra? The Beatles? Maybe even the Beach Boys?

Really, it's up to you, and who you vote to induct into the first class of America's Pop Music Hall of fame, to be based in Canonsburg.

Organizers have said that, ironically, the two nominees who call the borough their hometown—Bobby Vinton and Perry Como—might be cut out of the competition.

Want to weigh in, music fans?

A list of nominees was released in September. Nominees were determined by chart success and influence on pop music between the years 1946 and 1975.

They are:

1. Paul Anka
2. Beach Boys
3. Beatles
4. Bee Gees
5. Tony Bennett
6. Chuck Berry
7. Pat Boone
8. Carpenters
9. Johnny Cash
10. Ray Charles
11. Chubby Checker
12. Dave Clark Five
13. Nat King Cole
14. Perry Como
15. Bobby Darin
16. Neil Diamond
17. Bob Dylan
18. Everly Brothers
19. Four Seasons
20. Connie Francis
21. Elton John
22. Dean Martin
23. Johnny Mathis
24. Monkees
25. Ricky Nelson
26. Roy Orbison
27. Patti Page
28. Les Paul & Mary Ford
29. Platters
30. Elvis Presley
31. Simon & Garfunkel
32. Frank Sinatra
33. Smokey & Miracles
34. Supremes
35. Three Dog Night
36. Bobby Vinton
37. Dionne Warwick
38. Andy Williams
39. Hank Williams
40. Stevie Wonder

Those interested may vote at the website—americaspopmusichalloffame.org— through Dec. 31.

Fans may vote for both five artists and five songs.The songs are listed on the website above.

Organizers have said the top 20 vote-getters will be announced as nominees into the hall of fame, with a formal induction to follow in July.

Curious to see who's in the top 10 so far? Here's the list:

1. Elvis Presley            

2. The Beatles

3. Johnny Mathis

4. The Beach Boys

5. The Bee Gees

6. Roy Orbison

7. Johnny Cash

8. Frank Sinatra

9. Neil Diamond

10. Dean Martin

The physical hall of fame will be housed in what is now Toys My Way Cafe in downtown Canonsburg. An anonymous donor is paying for the space for two years on behalf of America's Pop Hall of Fame.

Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello October 31, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Elvis and the Beatles, in that order, the ranking of the others in that list not so easy to judge. For who else brought pop into the lives os so many millions of youngsters not just in jukeboxes, concert venues, record stores, as well as through radio and the movies - that in itself would have been fantastic!! -, but right into the sanctity of their homes, and not in numbers that would could be later forgotten by TV executives and advertisers or worse, discounted by parents as a passing fad, but in such phenomenal numbers, as these two? It is estimated that Presley and the Beatles attracted between 167 and 197 million cumulative viewers, respectively, in their three appearances at the Ed Sullivan Show, Presley doing so in the fall of 1956 and the early winter of 1957 (62,55 and 50 million), the Beatles seven years later, in the spring and summer of 1964 (72,65 and 60 million). That's like putting "pop" right at the dinner table, to stay there forever, after serving it a mere six times!!


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