Knotts' 'Breeding Farm' Based on Real-Life Events

This is the third movie that former Weekly Recorder publisher and former Republican House candidate Cody Knotts has written and directed over the past two years.

Cody Knotts is the first one to admit: The movie he co-wrote and directed is “horrific.”

“The movie is essentially about a man who captures women and men, turning them into profit machines by milking and breeding them,” the native said, adding that the character then sells the milk and babies.

As jarring as that might sound, Knotts said the inspiration for the film was actually gleaned from true events.

“We actually based it on real events that happened (overseas) where women were kept in a breeding farm—that’s exactly the term that the Huffington Post used.

But “Breeding Farm,” which was co-written and directed by Brentwood native Matt Deering, takes place in the United States, and follows the demented operation of Farmer, played by Richard John Walters—whose screen credits include “My Blood Valentine 3-D” and the television show “24.”

“Richard is intense—Richard is real intense,” Knotts said of the main character, who abducts three women and a man in the movie all while being pursued by two cops, played by Washington County natives Ray Wade and Frank Yuvan II.

He described the movie as being in the vein of films such as "Saw" and "Hostel."

"He treats them like cattle," Knotts said. "The movie is strangely non-sexual. It's about the dehumanization of the characters."

Of the three women Farmer abducts, Knotts noted that two of them have graced the pages of publications such as Playboy.

One of the women, Angelina Leigh, has appeared in many so-called gentleman’s magazines.

“Angelina has appeared in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler—she’s one of the few who has appeared in all three,” Knotts, a former Republican candidate for the state Legislature, said.

While the film is just now going into post-production, Knotts and Deering released a trailer for “Breeding Farm” on YouTube this past week, one that was banned the same day because of nudity.

“There’s some nudity but there’s less than you’d think,” he said. “You see breasts, but you’re not going to see any full-frontal nudity.”

Filmed over a five-day span in November, the movie should be ready for distribution in six months.

Knotts said he is currently fishing for a distributor, but has not ruled out the possibility if self-distribution—indicating that route might actually be more lucrative.

This is the third movie Knotts has written and directed over the past two years.

His first movie, is currently in post-production. A premier of the movie, which is about a reverend seduced by a young woman possessed by a demon, will debut in September or October.

Knotts' other film, is currently in production, with principle photography expected to be completed in November.

Editor’s Note: An edited version of the “Breeding Farm” trailer is here.

Observer August 02, 2012 at 12:42 PM
It is amazing Mr. White. You never fail to lower yourself and your office. It is shame, because you don't realize that your actions and personality undermine all the good that you work for and accomplish. Your inability to become mature and avoid the need to personally attack people is your downfall. You are your own worst enemy. It is a shame and a waste of talent.
Cody Knotts August 02, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Hi, Jesse. I have no need to engage with you. I think you have done some wonderful work lately and though I will never totally agree with your stances, I will always admire your passion. Continue speaking and fighting for your causes and what you believe. I wish you well.


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