Operation 'Sergeant Weaver Blue Ribbon Tribute' Underway

The longtime member of the Cecil Township Police Department is retiring—read how you can be part of his daughter's tribute to him.

I got a text message late last night telling me I had to check out the Facebook page of a friend who is trying to honor her father—who just happens to be a retiring veteran police sergeant with .

I was struck by Angela Weaver’s idea—the Sergeant Weaver Blue Ribbon Tribute—and was inspired to think of how we at Canon-McMillan Patch could show our gratitude for her dad’s years of service protecting the community.

But I’m getting ahead of myself (as I usually do). And besides, this is Angela’s story, anyway.

So I will let her tell it.

Here’s what she wrote on the Sergeant Weaver Blue Ribbon Tribute page:

“Hello Cecil Twp! I need your help to honor a wonderful man, my father—Tom Weaver. You probably know him as Sergeant Tom Weaver of the Cecil (Township Police Department). He has proudly served our community for 34 years.

And now he is about to retire, his final day with Cecil PD is Aug. 18th. Yep, just weeks from today. I wanted to think of a way our town as a whole could show him how much we appreciate all he has done for us during his years of loyal service.

And this is what I came up with, if you would like to show your appreciation for the time he dedicated to this community please tie a blue ribbon, or several blue ribbons somewhere visible to the public—maybe from a tree, or trees in your yard, or on your porch, or maybe in front of your business, etc.

And even though he has NO clue what I am up to, my hope is that in a few days I can ask him if he has noticed all the blue ribbons around town and then let him in on the meaning behind them.

If you feel inclined to make a sign thanking him, and saying he will be missed to hang with your ribbon(s) that would be beyond great, but if not that is OK too.

I just hope you can ALL take the time to hang those blue ribbons in tribute to a man who became a police officer for all the right reasons and has stayed true to those convictions for 34 years! He loves this town and he loves all of you (who) are a part of it.

And just because you may not live here in Cecil, doesn’t mean you can’t hang a blue ribbon for Sergeant Weaver.

I also hope that you will take a photo of your blue ribbon tribute and post it on the I know Cecil, Pa Facebook page and maybe add a little message for him, or a story about how he touched your life.

I will be printing all of the posts to help make a scrapbook of this Blue Ribbon Tribute to give to him.

As I said, he is clueless to this right now but if it catches on in the way I hope it will, I will post in the near future telling you all about his reaction when I let him in on why he is seeing all those blue ribbons hanging all over town.

Thank you in advance for your help and get the word out there about our blue ribbon tribute for Sergeant Weaver!!”

So, in addition to tying our own blue ribbon, we at Canon-McMillan Patch want to help the effort by urging our friends in the community to help us start a photo gallery of the various tributes. We would also like to be the online home for any messages you’d like to send along to Sgt. Weaver.

So, if you have a picture of those blue ribbons, feel free to upload it to this story by clicking the "upload button” above. And of course, any well wishes or messages may be left in the comments section under this story.

Thanks so much in advance!

Oh yeah: For more information, visit the Facebook page here.


Amanda Gillooly August 03, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Michelle, I can't wait to meet him! I'd love to interview him for his retirement!
Paul Smith August 04, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Tom, very few individuals can add the title of "Hero" to their name. During the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan in September of 2004, you went beyond the call of duty and risked your own life to save another.You were a hero that day to Mrs. Drew, and a hero to all who know you. I have included a link to this article that gained national attention. As a member of the Muse Fire Department, or paths often crossed when residents or visitors needed our help. You were always helpful and professional. Enjoy your well deserved retirement. Cecil Township residents should all be proud of your years of service and dedication. I am proud to call you my friend. http://www.ctf.org/pdf/nf2review/winter04.pdf
Amanda Gillooly August 05, 2012 at 01:14 PM
P.S. Kathy - Thank you SO much for uploading the beautiful photos! I changed the photo for the story to my favorite one :)
Kathy Weaver August 05, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Thanks so much for helping to recognize his career.
Amanda Gillooly August 05, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Kathy, I'd love to write a profile piece on him as well. I was planning on calling the department tomorrow :)


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