Country Fixin's: Good Eats With Better Prices

This mom of four says it couldn't get much more family-friendly, either.

Driving down Route 980 in Muse, it would be very easy to cruise right past Country Fixin’s Restaurant without noticing it. 

Unlike Eat’n Park or other popular Sunday morning spots, the parking lot was not a game of musical chairs and we pulled the family mini-van right in, opened the sliding door, and let the mayhem that is my family out of the car. 

Almost as quickly as we entered through the front doors, we were greeted and told that larger tables were straight back in the dining room. We walked past a counter where one gentleman sat reading his Sunday newspaper and drinking coffee. 

The restaurant was busy, but not crowded, with a few groups dressed as if they came straight from mass, and others dressed in way that shouted “lazy Sunday.” 

We picked a table in the back corner and it didn’t take long for our jovial and patient waitress to make her way over for drink orders. She promptly returned with cold juice and hot coffee (a much needed first cup of the day), and took our food orders. 

My children enjoy being as independent as they can, and I give our waitress credit for patiently standing by while they each tried to remember what it was they had selected and order said item. 

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about what the food would be like when I read the back of the waitress’ shirt, “Order what you want. Eat what you get.” But, I ordered what I wanted AND liked what I ate. 

I ordered two eggs with bacon, toast and home fries. I’ll admit, the unhealthy side of me wouldn’t have been upset if the potatoes had been a little greasy. But the food wasn’t drenched in grease, it was what the name of the restaurant promised.  

My husband got the sausage gravy and biscuits. He borrowed my daughter’s toast to soak up any gravy left on the plate, which I think indicates there were no complaints from him on the quality of the food, although he felt portions could have been larger.  

The other thing that really stood out to me was our waitresses understanding of us going out to eat with four children. When we needed a drink refill she suggested I get a large juice and use it to refill all the kids' drinks because it would be cheaper. 

She brought an extra plate so I could split an order of pancakes and bacon between my two sons, and was careful in setting hot syrup out of reach of the little ones. As a mom it is helpful to have somebody else paying attention to these details rather than trying to play octopus and juggle it all at once. 

When my 2-year-old decided his cup banging on the table would entertain the room, our waitress assured me that she has five kids and my children were being well behaved, despite the sound of plastic on wood. 

As a parent, it means a lot to be able to go eat and not feel like every shout and cry is being scrutinized by everyone there. I really felt like this was a family-friendly place, and was not uncomfortable having my children be themselves.  

I was also very happy with the prices, with nothing on the breakfast menu costing more than $7. It was an affordable breakfast for the six of us, and we all left with full bellies. 

Our only problem we encountered was they do not accept debit cards. We had to use an ATM there to get cash out to pay for our meals. So be sure you come prepared with cash, or else you will find yourself paying the two dollar ATM fee. 



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