New Consignment Shop Now Open in Cecil

Reclaimed has a "Now Open" sign front and center—and the festive collection of pumpkins and other fall items is grabs the attention of motorists passing on Millers Run Road.

It's difficult not to notice the new consignment shop located on Millers Run Road in Cecil Township.

Bright orange pumpkins are stacked beside a scarecrow of sorts, and the "Now Open" sign adorning the entrance of the storefront (in the same building as the Golden Pig) lets passing motorists know that Reclaimed—a store that boasts furniture and collectibles—is in fact ready for customers.

"We believe in reusing and recycling furniture, building materials and household goods. Just about everything can have a new life with a little imagination.
We have a collection of very old, old, and not so old articles that are beautiful, functional and better than new," the website reads.

It continues: "At Reclaimed, everything is either made by hand or being given a new life. So live green, reuse, recycle, reclaim."

For more information on the business, visit its website at reclaimedlivegreen.com.


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