Numerous Companies, Individuals Named by Amwell Township Families in Civil Suit

Eight people who live near a natural-gas drilling and wastewater impoundment site claim health problems as a basis for their action.

Three families who claim to have suffered health problems because of activities related to natural gas-drilling activities in Amwell Township have sued numerous companies and individuals, citing their various roles in the planning, building and operation of a nearby drilling and wastewater impoundment site.

Attorneys with , , filed the lawsuit last week in the Civil Division of Washington County Court. The 190-page document seeks monetary compensation, along with remediation of what is designated as the Yeager site, off McAdams Road in Amwell.

The suit was filed on behalf of:

  • Stacey Haney and her two children, Harley and Page, of 1049 McAdams Rd., Amwell Township, about 1,530 feet from the Yeager site
  • Beth and John Voiles and their daughter, Ashley, of 1085 McAdams Rd., about 800 feet from the site
  • Loren and Grace Kiskadden of 771 Banetown Rd., about 3,100 feet from the site

According to the lawsuit, the eight Amwell residents complain "of injuries from environmental contamination and polluting events caused by the conduct and activities of the defendants listed herein, who caused the releases, spills and discharges of combustible gases, hazardous chemicals and industrial wastes from gas drilling facilities."

The document lists as defendants:

  • Range Resources-Appalachia LLC, the oil and gas exploration and production company that owns and operates the Yeager site
  • Skaps Industries Inc. and Engineered Synthetic Products Inc., Georgia-based firms that manufactured liners used in wastewater impoundment
  • Halliburton Energy Services Inc., Saxon Drilling LP and Universal Well Services Inc., which produced and supplied materials that were transferred between Range drill sites and held in the Yeager impoundment
  • Red Oak Water Transfer NE LLC, a Cecil Township company that constructed temporary piping to transfer fluids between drill sites and the impoundment
  • Multi-Chem Group LLC, the Texas company that chemically treated the impoundment
  • Titusville-based EAP Industries Inc., which transported and disposed of drill cuttings, fluids, mud and related mineral residues at the drill site
  • New Dominion Construction Inc., Mercer-based landfill contractor that built the impoundment
  • Terrafix Environmental Technology Inc., which installed and repaired liners used in the impoundment
  • Highland Environmental LLC, a trucking company that carried drilling materials to and from drill sites and the impoundments
  • The Gateway Engineers, which worked on the location, design and construction of the Yeager site
  • Professional engineers Carla L. Suszkowski and Scott Rumisel. Suszkowski worked for Range during the design and construction of the site, and Rumisel was employed by Gateway.
  • Microbac Laboratories Inc., a commercial laboratory network that performed an analysis of the plaintiffs' properties and groundwater sources
  • Test America Inc., which was contracted by Range to perform analytical laboratory services regarding testing performed on the plaintiffs' properties

The lawsuit seeks damages "in an amount in excess of arbitration limits and/or in excess of $50,000," plus fees and costs, for each of 25 counts against various combinations of defendants. A jury trial is demanded.


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