Patch Scores Highest Traffic and Revenue in its History

May was the platform’s most successful month to date, with nearly 12 million users and record-breaking revenue.

Editor's Note: Canon-McMillan Patch is part of a larger Patch network that serves as the eyes and ears for what is happening at the grassroots level across the country in more than 850 communities in 23 states plus Washington, D.C.

The company launched in 2009; Canon-McMillan Patch went online in December 2010. We have grown rapidly and people often ask how we're doing, so I thought I'd share our company's good news that was announced today (Monday). So here goes:

Patch—AOL’s platform of local news, information and engagement sites—today announced that May of 2012 was its most successful traffic and revenue period in the company’s history. 

Patch served a record 11.7 million users in May (comScore), representing a 14 percent increase over April (10.3 million users) and an 11 percent increase over its previous traffic record (10.6 million users in August 2011).

In addition: 

• This 14 percent month-over-month growth outpaced the comScore Regional/Local category as a whole, which grew only 3 percent over the same time period. 
• Patch had a 12 percent increase in engagement (visits per unique visitor) from April to May. Within the top 10 regional-local properties, this represents the highest increase in engagement month over month, and ranks Patch as the second highest in engagement among those properties. 
• With an average site age of just over 18 months, Patch is now the No. 5 regional/local property on the web, from No 10 when it first entered the rankings in December 2010. 
• Patch’s total revenue was 14 percent higher than its previous record (November of 2011). This represents a 17 percent bump in revenue over April of 2012. Patch has already booked for 2012 130 percent of its total 2011 revenue. 

“We are extremely gratified to see these measures of the traction we have gained in our communities and in our business since our launch just over three years ago,” commented Jon Brod, CEO  and co-founder of Patch.

“We are laser-focused on continuing to serve our users and advertisers with high-quality content and impactful products, and building upon our success to date in innovative and engaging ways.” 

The news of Patch’s May performance follows the recent announcement by AOL Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tim Armstrong that Patch will generate between $40 million and $50 million in revenue this year.

Patch also recently announced the launch of Patch Partners, a program to offer exclusive benefits to its local advertisers and resources for business owners at large. 

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