Range Resources Joins MarkWest in Appeal of Cecil Zoning Board's Compressor Station Denial

The notice to intervene was filed Friday in Washington County court.

Range Resources on Friday joined MarkWest in its of the Cecil Township Zoning Board's the company needed to build a Marcellus Shale compressor station in the community.

The notice to intervene was filed in the Washington County court (document included) on behalf of Range Resources by the Southpointe-based lawfirm Fulbright & Jawarski.

The document states that Range Resources, based in Southpointe, is an oil-and-gas lease holder for the property on state Route 980 and Coleman Road where MarkWest's compressor station was to be built.

Range Resources spokesmen Matt Pitzarella, Mike Mackin and Jim Cannon did not immediately return messages left on their cell phones seeking comment Monday.

Marc May 23, 2011 at 08:26 PM
It is against the zoning, the people don't want it, CASE CLOSED! So much for this greedy, unneighborly gas industry doing the right thing. They should all be run out of town before they destroy all of our areas. They do not care about us one bit. Don't believe a word they say either. And, where are all the jobs?? What a joke! This gas industry sham, scam is only benefiting hotels, landlords, stores, suppliers and restaurants and a few landowners are greedily getting wealthy by selling their soles to the devil. Other than that, it only gets worse. The rest of us are suffering with ruined water, destroyed and hazardous roads, devalued property, increased truck traffic, pollution, noise, etc., etc. Why can't our politicians see that? Oh, I forgot, many accepted donations from the industry! A sad time in Western Pa. indeed!
Ted C May 24, 2011 at 02:18 PM
It's true what you say but you can't fault people for wanting to make a buck. Isn't that what we all are wasting our precious time on? It would seem that the solution to the compressor issue would be to demand that the co.'s soundproof or build them underground. They need them for transmission of the gas but the round the clock noise, air pollution and light pollution ruins the habitability of everyone living nearby. The gas co's need to rectify these problems.


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