West Penn Power Seeks Assistance With Copper Thefts

Canonsburg residents: Your help is needed.

Escalating thefts of copper wire from West Penn Power's electrical facilities are jeopardizing reliable service to customers and the safety of its employees, according to the company.

The company wants local residents to know it is dangerous for employees to work on equipment or enter substations that are not properly grounded because of vandalism and theft of neutral wires.

The perpetrators also put themselves in danger because the neutral and ground wires carry current under certain electrical conditions.  

Finally, the company indicated it is expensive to replace ground wire and repair theft-related damages—not to mention the possible degradation of safe, reliable service for our customers.

Canonsburg residents are urged to phone police or the FirstEnergy Security Group at 877-370-7512 if they notice any suspicious behavior around West Penn Power's poles, lines or substation facilities.


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