Civil Suit Filed Over North Strabane Shooting Death

The estate of a Texas man sued two companies for failing to do more to prevent the fatal incident.

The family of a has sued the companies he worked for, saying they did not do enough to prevent an encounter that led to his death.

The estate of Trevor C. Compton, of Texas, said in the lawsuit filed in Allegheny County Court that Danny Keith Kirtley, 48, shot and killed Compton, 34, at a meeting in "arranged by the management" of Rosenboom Welding & Fabrication and Angel Logistics, the Tribune-Review reported on its website.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, seeks lost of wages, medical and funeral expenses and more than $25,000 in other losses, the paper indicated.

District Judge Joshua P. Kanalis in Central Court in Washington last year.  The shooting incident happened in February of 2011. Kirtley is still awaiting trial.

Kirtley is originally from Texas and had been living in Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County, in the months proceeding the incident. He had been working at Rosenbloom Welding for a few weeks prior to the incident, in which Compton was shot in the torso.

At Kirtley’s preliminary hearing, a shop foreman, Christopher Goss, testified that he witnessed the altercation and saw Kirtley fire the shot that killed Compton. Goss said he was finishing up some welding at the 72 Wilson Road when he noticed that Kirtley and another coworker were embroiled in an argument. He said that Kirtley had wrapped himself around the other man, who was trying to beat him off himself with his left hand, Goss said.

Goss said that when he went to break the fight up, the other coworker, Roy Mall, ran from the building as Kirtley attempted to regain his footing.

A few minutes later, Goss said he heard Compton tell Kirtley to stay on the floor. Then Goss said he saw Kirtley reach into his shirt or waistband and pull out a gun.

"I seen the gun go off," he testified Wednesday.

That's when Goss said he and a coworker called 911 and attempted to get Compton out of the building and into a truck before dispatch advised them to wait for medics who were on the way.

When police arrived, officers discovered Compton lying in a grey truck outside the building, according to a Canonsburg Police report.

According to that complaint, Compton was taken by ambulance to Canonsburg General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead about an hour later. Kirtley was airlifted to Allegheny General Hospital, where he remained until escorted to North Strabane to be arraigned.


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