Flicks for Sweethearts and Singles

Looking to cozy up, put on a movie and relax this Valentine's Day? Here are some suggestions.

Whether you're spending Tuesday evening with your significant other on the couch in , or a group of friends and loved ones, there are quite a few flicks (classic and new) fitting for the holiday.

We've compiled a list of 15 Valentine's Day movie suggestions—including the obvious "Valentine's Day," which debuted in 2010.

There are many romantic comedies and love-story films to choose. This was tough!

As always, we encourage you to participate. Post your favorites in the comments!

  1. It's Complicated
  2. Something's Gotta Give
  3. The Notebook
  4. Serendipity
  5. Love Actually
  6. A Good Year (for the wine lovers, too)
  7. Valentine's Day
  8. The Holiday
  9. Moonstruck
  10. Chocolat
  11. The Wedding Date
  12. No Reservations 
  13. Vicky Christina Barcelona
  14. P.S. I Love You
  15. When Harry Met Sally

Happy viewing! xoxo

Editor's Note: Author Andrea Bosco is the editor of Peters Patch.


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