Keeping it Local

Main Street Manager Nadeen Steffey said you might be surprised at what you can buy locally.

If you are a social media freak like I am, over the last month you may have been overwhelmed with promos toting the buy-local message.

It’s big.

It’s everywhere.

It’s important.

During this season of giving (and going broke), shopping is what we do. In the mornings, in the evenings, on the weekends and on our lunch hours to get that Christmas to-do-list a little smaller as the countdown to Dec. 25 grows shorter.

What we in the community-development business have been asking is that while you are running from here to there preparing for the trip over the river and through the woods, remember the little guy. The small business owner. The local mom-and-pop shop where you may just find that perfect something for Aunt Norma.

We’ve asked, with the help of American Express, that you Shop Small. Al Rocker was even on board for that one! We’ve requested that you Shift Your Shopping. Suggested that you pick three and spend $50 to Keep the Cheer Here realizing not everything on your list can be found downtown.

But, if you look you’ll be surprised at what you CAN find.

Yesterday the you-know-what hit the fan when Amazon.com announced its evil plan launching a promo this Saturday offering $5 off to consumers who scan an item's barcode in a store, then purchase online. Low blow Amazon. Way to stick it to the little guys. I won’t be shopping with YOU ever again.

What’s the importance of these buy-local messages? These are your friends, your neighbors who own and operate the gift shop or furniture store. You go to church with the owner of the coffee shop. Your son plays soccer with the salon owners' little boy. And it’s these people, our moms and pops, who do not hesitate donating to your parent-teacher organization or for the spaghetti dinner or Santa lunch.

They support their community—all they ask in return is the support OF the community in helping keep their doors open by patronizing their business, so they may continue to stay in business in YOUR community.

So what might you find downtown? Here’s a list, from A to Z: Automobile, bedroom suite, catering for your party, dry cleaning, exercise, friendly faces,
gyros, hair cut, ice, jewels, kitten care (puppies too), lunch, manicure, novelty T-shirts, OPEN, poinsettia’s, quiet time (massage), ribbons and bows, spirits, tree lights, unique gifts, vases, wreath, xtra-ordinary people, Yankee candles, Zumba.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and happy, healthy New Year!

Nadeen Steffey December 18, 2011 at 04:23 PM
And thank you for attaching the video.....hope your readers take a peek at it!


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