Local Pitt Student on Bomb Threats: Enough is Enough!

One local Pitt student speaks out about the recent rash of bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh.

By Amiee Smith

I think I speak for all Pitt students when I say: Enough is enough!

have each and every one of us on guard. As a fifth-year student here, I’ve experienced a lot of strange things—strange things that would never happen in my little ole town of Muse.

I was in Oakland for many celebrations that we thought entitled us to flood Fifth Avenue to celebrate—Super Bowl victories, Backyard Brawl victories, and Obama becoming our new president.

Let’s just put it this way: If there is something to celebrate, Pitt students will celebrate!

I was also here for the serious times—the parade for the three policemen who were killed while on duty in Stanton Heights, the G20 summit and the most recent Western Psych tragedy. During all these times, when security was breached, I never felt threatened. I have always put my personal safety and security into the hands of the Pitt police.

Despite my strong belief that the Pitt police are the best campus security in the world (really!), the recent string of bomb threats has me worried and scared. 

As a student, I embraced the first one as a cancelled class and more time I had to enjoy the weather. After the first two, that “woo hoo, no class” feeling quickly disappeared.

We’re on number 13 now—when does it stop? How does it stop? Many students are questioning whether they will ever stop. What happens when we get to finals week? These questions are left unanswered.  

It has reached the point that I question even getting up and going to class in the morning. Some days I feel like my hour-and-15 minute commute every day is not worth the gas money. Out of these 13 threats, my class has been disrupted six times. It’s more than a distraction now; it’s becoming a complete interruption in my learning.

The one positive thing I have witnessed from this situation is the growing pride and responsibility in the Pitt community. Of course, all conversations are now centered on the threats, but I haven’t heard one person say that they don’t want to be a Panther any longer.

We all have our theories as to who it is/they are. Could it be a student? How about faculty? Maybe it’s multiple people. Maybe it’s a PSU affiliate taking the negative attention off their campus (I joke). There’s no telling who it is right now, but I can tell you they will be sorry they messed with the Pitt community.

Everyone on campus is taking these threats seriously and is complying with all the directions given by officers and staff.  

I’m sure I’m not the only one sitting in the Cathedral right now awaiting the next one. I’m not getting too comfortable because I’m not sure when I’ll have to pack up my bags and evacuate.

I hope I’m wrong that there will be another one today. I have confidence our police as well as other investigators involved will finally crack this case.

As for now, I will continue to study.

Editor's Note: Author Amiee Smith is a Muse resident and Canon-McMillan Patch reader.


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