How Do You Like the Steelers' New Nike Uniforms?

Nike, the NFL's new uniform supplier, unveils its new line of player garb featuring shape-retaining fabric and a trimmer fit.

Trimmer fit. Vibrant colors. New necklines and fabric.

Nike and the NFL say these additions will improve—but won't drastically change the appearance of—NFL players who will wear its new line of uniforms this season.

The sports gear maker called on Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and players from the league's 31 other teams to model new uniforms Tuesday when it unveiled them in New York. Nike became the league's official provider of apparel this week.

As with most of the other NFL teams, the Steelers' beloved black-and-gold striped jersey will not look much different when the team resumes play this fall. The most noticeable difference? The placement of the Nike "swoosh" logo, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Most-changed uniform?

The Seattle Seahawks garb, which now features new designs for home and away jerseys as well as a new helmet logo.

Nike says the primary change in its uniform line involves using a special, lighter fabric that provides a better fit and allows players to pull jerseys over their pads without stretching them out.

Steelers jerseys will be available for pre-order by fans starting April 15 at shop.steelers.com.

How do you like the new uniforms? Would you have preferred a more drastic change? Or do you prefer to stick with tradition?

What do you think?


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