Redistricting Fight is Over, Time to Move On

Sen. Tim Solobay, D-Canonsburg, gives us his take on the redistricting efforts.

The state Supreme Court has issued a unanimous decision upholding the latest legislative redistricting plan. The new maps make only small changes to my Senate District, the biggest being the loss of Monessen and the gain of Aliquippa.

The redistricting process has been difficult and, unfortunately, very partisan. 

But it’s time to accept the unanimous decision of the court and shift our effort to meeting new constituents and helping with the transition that comes with these changes.

The approved redistricting plan is far better than some of those that came before it, and I’m grateful to continue representing Greene County where cooperation among officials at all levels of government has brought about some exciting projects to improve the lives of residents, rebuild infrastructure and continue economic growth.

The new district now gives me nearly all of Washington County (except Peters Township), and a little more of Beaver County, including Aliquippa, and brings my district very near the proposed ethane cracker plant, which could provide thousands of jobs to the region.

The 46th Senate District will continue to pose the varied challenges of a diverse region that includes large rural areas as well as traditional downtowns.

Of course, I am disappointed to lose the City of Monessen, where I was able to work with House and Senate colleagues to make important state investments in public safety and the local library. 

The completion of renovations at the ArcelorMittal coke plant is great news for the Mon Valley and I’m excited by the city’s opportunities for economic renewal.

Looking forward, I’m eager to reach out to the people of Aliquippa, a city that has long symbolized Western Pennsylvania toughness, determination and athletic prowess.

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Insider Eyes May 14, 2013 at 10:58 AM
Will the ghost of James Durbin still live in your district? People are watching... and talking...
Bob Zanakis May 29, 2013 at 11:24 PM
The only question I have is if overall, the state has more votes for Democrats statewide by over 50,000 votes, why do the Dems have only three representatives in the US Congress? To me, that is a violation of federal law, the equal protection clause, the 14th amendment. Why not fight this federally instead of in commonwealth court?


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