Attempted Burglary on Ridge Avenue in Canonsburg

Nothing was reported missing.

After returning home early Wednesday morning, a resident from 537 Ridge Ave. found the glass pane of his exterior door broken, as well as the frame and glass from the basement door.

arrived at the scene and found both doors still bolted and reported that it appeared that no entry was made to the residence. After checking their valuables, the owners said that nothing appeared to be missing.

The damage to the door and glass was estimated at $300. 

Police checked the homes in the immediate neighborhood and did not find any evidence of attempted entry. They will increase patrols in that area.

Additional Police Report News:

Another possible vandalism case occurred at the All Pro Auto Mall on Hooks Lane where police on patrol reported Thursday night that they noticed multiple windows broken throughout the three buildings.

But police weren’t sure if this was new damage. They also noted that it appeared as if the wiring was also cut from the three buildings.

Harassment charges were filed Wednesday against Jennifer Livolsi of 209 E. Pitt St. for an apparent road rage incident involving another driver in Canonsburg. To avoid further altercation, the victim drove to the police station and reported the incident. Witnesses obtained Livolsi’s license plate information.




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