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Blotter: Teen Allegedly Caught With Pot, Burglaries Reported and More

Here are the cases being handled by the Canonsburg Police Department this week.

A Canonsburg teenager was cited with possession of a small amount of marijuana Sunday night.

Canonsburg police said an officer noticed Cody Coyle, 18, of 222 Hutchinson Ave. walking in town with a friend close to the borough's curfew time. Asked for identification, both men appeared nervous, police said. Coyle then admitted to having a small bag of marijuana in his pocket, according to a police report.

The charge will proceed by summons.

Home Burglary Reported

Robin Stegena, of Marple Avenue, told Canonsburg police Sunday night that in addition to a television that was stolen from her bedroom, that a safe in her home containing $40,000 in jewelry was taken. Police are investigating.

Criminal Mischief Charged

Canonsburg police charged Chelsea Oliver, 20, for allegedly throwing a rock and smashing the glass door at D’s Locker Room on North Jefferson early Sunday after the manager tossed her out for being underage. She will be cited for criminal mischief and that citation will proceed by summons, according to police.

Tires Punctured

Sherree Marie Bodvake, of 813 Poplar St., told Canonsburg police Saturday morning that someone had punctured both of the tires on the passenger-side of her vehicle sometime after midnight.

Another Burglary Reported

Artur Snyder and Rachel Phillips, both of North Jefferson Avenue, told Canonsburg police early Saturday that someone had entered their home and attempted to remove a wall-mounted, large-screen television from their living room, and that when they arrived it was lying broken on their sofa. Stolen, though, was another television valued at $250, according to a police report.

Criminal Mischief Reported

Paul Anthony Karmazin, of North Jefferson Avenue, told Canonsburg police Monday that someone broke his windshield sometime after Saturday afternoon. He told police that it looked as though the damage was done with a rock or a pellet gun.

Dblock October 25, 2012 at 02:29 PM
So Mr. Coyle was walking through town "close to the borough's curfew time"...since it doesn't say "after" the curfew, are we safe to assume Mr. Coyle was within the law by being on the street before the actual time of curfew? If so, why was he harrassed by a police officer and now is facing charges? Don't give me that "he had an illegal substance on him anyways"....perhaps we should just have the police pat down every single person they come across on the street with the hopes of finding someone doing something illegal. I hope Mr Coyle argues this in court, because there's NO reason he should have been stopped/questioned/charged for ANYTHING if he was fully within his rights to be on the street! I'd say he should argue his case, but we all know the citizen doesn't stand a chance against the "establishment" in Canonsburg or any other small town in the "Patch". I don't know Mr Coyle, but I sympathize with him. It's a shame when police overstep their bounds and get away with it....sadly it happens all too often.
jimmy vanderlee January 08, 2013 at 04:53 AM
cant agree more


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