Cecil Man Refuses Chemical Test, Charged With DUI

The incident happened Friday.

A Cecil man was charged with driving under the influence after refusing to submit to a chemical test Friday night, township police said.

Police said they observed a vehicle stopped on state Route 980 near Coleman Road with the driver’s door open and Tyrone Lett standing outside.

When officers approached Lett, he told them he was driving when his vehicle began to overheat, and that he stopped to see what was wrong.

That’s when police said they detected the odor of alcohol coming from Lett, and noted that his eyes were bloodshot and glassy.

When police asked if he had consumed any alcohol, Lett admitted to drinking three beers.

Officers then proceeded to give Lett field sobriety tests, which police said showed impairment.

Lett was transported to the Cecil Township Police Department, where he refused to submit to a chemical test—and was automatically charged with DUI because of the refusal.

Lett was also charged driving with a suspended license.

The charges will proceed by summons, according to police.


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