Heart Attack Survivor Reunited With First Responders Who Saved Him

A North Strabane man and his wife on Friday thanked first responders who saved his life.

There was no question: May 6 was “pretty much the worst day of my life,” Susan Canfield said.

She and her husband, Daniel, 50, were enjoying a cocktail on their patio when, without warning, he slumped over and lost consciousness—having suffered a heart attack.

Susan Canfield called 911—and within minutes arrived, taking over the CPR efforts she had initiated during the short time it took first responders to come to the rescue.

Canonsburg EMS and North Strabane Fire Department were on the scene shortly after—not only attending to the Daniel, but also a frantic Susan.

North Strabane police officer Matt Mancini used an AED to shock Daniel back to life, and first responders continued with chest compressions even after he arrived at , where he was later flown to Allegheny General Hospital.

On Friday, the couple got to say thank you to the police, fire and Canonsburg Ambulance Service responders who helped save Daniel Canfield’s life.

“I’m really thankful to everyone here,” Susan Canfield told those assembled at the reunion, held at Canonsburg General Hospital. “Just saying those words doesn’t feel like enough.”

But the Canonsburg Ambulance service paramedic and EMT on duty that night, Pete Shanrick and Rob Waldron, were humble, simply saying they were just doing their jobs.

“It kind of reminds you of why you do it,” Shandrick said.

For Mancini, the incident represented something that doesn't happen on every call.

“To me, it’s a miracle,” he said. “Everything happened to fall into place that night, and the end result is standing over there smiling.”

As for Daniel Canfield?

Susan said he has a long road to recovery, but “slow and steady wins the race.”


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