Borough Zoning Board to Meet Thursday

A special exception for an expansion at Aquatech International Corporation is among the items on the agenda.

The Canonsburg Zoning Hearing Board will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday to hear the following petitions:

  • The petition of Aquatech International Corporation of 1 Four Coins Drive which is applying for a special exception to a requirement for additional parking for each 900 square feet of expansion for a proposed 12,070 square feet storage space being planned. The basis for the request is no employees will be hired requiring additional parking spaces. The special exception is requested prior to the petition to the planning commission for approval of the proposed storage space.
  • The petition of Michael Traficante,d/b/a Canon-Mac Metals, Inc. of 2329 Hill Church Houston Road, who is applying for a variance or special exception for the use of 360 Euclid Avenue. The properties are currently owned by Gary and Joan Bradshaw. The petition requests a variance or special exception Section for use of the property for sorting and packing metals in bulk. The property is zoned C-3 Special Commercial District.


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