Council to Discuss Sale of Armory

Canonsburg Council will also open bids for its municipal building renovation project, according to the agenda that was posted online.

Canonsburg Council will hold its non-voting meeting at 7 p.m. Monday—today—in the borough building.

The sale of the armory is on the agenda for discussion. Council also is expected to open bids for the $1 million renovation of its municipal building.

Here is the entire agenda:

Call to order – Borough Council President

a) Moment of Silence 

b) Pledge of Allegiance

c) Roll Call


Kerry Fox, Washington County Redevelopment

Bid Openings

Borough Building Renovations

Public Comments (Please limit comments to three minutes)

President’s  Comments

(1)   Discussion of Canonsburg Economic Study

Possible Discussion Items and/or Voting Items for next week 

(1)   Approval of the Dec. 10 meeting minutes

(2)   Discussion of sale of Canonsburg Armory

(3)   Discussion of purchase/demolition of Pike Street bookstore

(4)   Discussion of workshop on sidewalks

(5)   Discussion about changing ordinance regarding Real Estate Transfer

(6)   Appointment of Mike Alterio to a five-year term on Canonsburg-Houston Joint Authority

(7)   Appointment of James Chemento to a two-year term on Civil Service Commission

(8)   Appointment of Peter Lucas and Joe Milioto to four-year terms on the Planning Commission

(9)   Appointment of Tony Trona (one-year) and Jeffrey Derrico (two-year) to the Zoning Hearing Board

Borough Manager’s Report

Mayor’s Report

Engineer’s Report

Committee Reports

  • Parks & Recreation/Events –  Fran Coleman/Pat Romano
  • Public Safety – Joe Graff/Joe McGarry
  • Public Works – Pat Romano/Peter Lucas
  • Redevelopment – Joe McGarry/Tim Bilsky
  • Sewer Authority – Paul Sharkady/Joe Graff
  • Administration/Finance – Peter Lucas/Rich Russo
  • Code Enforcement - Rich Russo/Paul Sharkady
  • Facility/Energy/Technology – Tim Bilsky/Fran Coleman

Solicitor Report

Unfinished Business

New Business

Executive Session – if necessary





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