Court Rules Industry, Legislators Have No Place in Marcellus Suit

Motions to intervene made by industry representatives and leaders of both the state House and Senate were denied Friday.

Motions filed by members of the state Legislature and the Marcellus Shale industry to intervene in a legal challenge to Act 13—the commonwealth’s new law regulating drilling and related activities—were denied Friday.

Argument on the matter was held in Harrisburg Tuesday, and the ruling is the latest movement in the

In the order, senior Judge Keith B. Quigley ruled that the interests of the Pennsylvania Gas Association, Marcellus Shale Coaltion, MarkWest, Penneco Oil Co. and Chesapeake Appalacian would already be well represented by the court.

It also ruled that Senate President Pro Tem Joseph Scarnati and House Speaker Samuel H. Smith, who moved to intervene on behalf of the Legislature, were not eligible to be parties in the case.

“Less parties in the litigation process will allow it to move forward in a more expedited fashion,” said attorney John Smith, who is spearheading the challenge.

Editor's Note: To read the full order, click on the attached PDF.

Bob Zanakis April 21, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Wow, the state and the gas industry desire to be part of this constitutional issue before the court? What nerve our elected officials have in trying to circumvent the constitutional guarantees of our state. Great call by the judge by denying them access to the proceedings. They can sit in the back of the room with their mouths shut if they desire to see our rights (whether they be personal or collective in this case) to self-determination. No centralized government body should have domain over what will be placed right next to my school or playground. It is our right to do so and not the gas company nor the state's right.
cecil resident April 22, 2012 at 01:24 AM
Their is always some governing body going to tell us what to do. What makes you think that the state is any worse then the townships. I've seen some of the stupid laws our supervisors have tried to past. Our supervisors in Cecil Township only worry about things that benefit their agenda. They hate those terrible drilling companies but not one word is being said about the train carrying who knows what chemicals for drilling that will go right past our Intermediate School right next to their playing field. That new track that will use the track right next to the school has never been brought up. When several people had brought this up at meetings they didn't have any answer.


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