Glitchy Machine, Woman in Labor Votes, Candidate Cookies & Obama Lady: Election Day Roundup

It appears Election Day is about more than who you vote for.

Patch editors all over the country are busy getting the hottest Election Day stories today, and as it turns out, those tales aren't all about the candidates.

Check out these election stories that are going viral in our little corner of Patchland.

Collingswood Patch reports a man in Millerstown, PA, stepped up to his touchscreen voter booth ready to vote for Obama but found every time he pushed Obama's button, it registered his vote for Romney. Find out what the man did after several attempts here.

Oak Forest Patch, outside Chicago, reports a 21-year-old mother-to-be was not about to give up her first-time voting experience just because she was going into labor. Click here to read about her voting experience.

• Sewickley Patch, Plum-Oakmont Patch and Dormont-Brookline Patch each report that local bakeries are holding their selling cookie caricatures of the presidential candidates. Click here to find out how the Sewickley bakery's "confection election" turned out, and click here to see the results from the Dormont bakery.

• Some kids' posters left over from a mock election at a Beachwood, Ohio elementary school caused a stir when the school became a polling place this morning. Find out what happened.

• A woman in Strongsville is making a name for herself, Strongsville Patch reports. Kathy Furz stood at a highway interchange dressed in an Obama sign dress. Read what reactions she was getting here.

• Everyone remembers the first time they voted. Westlake Patch found a high schooler who made his way to the polls, even though he felt sick as a dog, to vote for the first time. See how it made him feel here.

• Now this is one patriotic lady! Stow Patch Editor Amanda Harnocz met up with Betty Destafano, a woman who has worked Election Days for the last 25 years and is decked out in "freedom." Read more about her here.

• A Missouri candidate went to the polls to do his civic duty only to realize his own name wasn't on the ballot... because he was given the wrong one, reports Afton-Shrewsbury Patch.


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