Mayor Shares More Details About Pop Music Hall of Fame

The mayor and borough manager made a special announcement during the 100th birthday celebration for international crooner Perry Como and their plans for the American Pop Music Hall of Fame.

At 7 p.m. Saturday—during the final hours of Canonsburg's , —Mayor David Rhome and borough Manager Terry Hazlett announced plans for the American Pop Music Hall of Fame.

" is the small town musical capital of the world with over 190 songs on Billboard's Top 100 from people from Canonsburg and Washington County," Rhome said.

Along with Como, Rhome mentioned Bobby Vinton, the Four Coins, Jason Walker, the Cynics and (Brock and his band were in the background setting up for their performance at the celebration).

Rhome turned the microphone over to Hazlett who made the big announcement.

"Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nashville has the Country/Western Hall of Fame and soon ... Canonsburg will have the American Pop Music Hall of Fame where we will honor hometown boys like Perry Como, Bobby Vinton, the Four Coins and others."

Ten inductees for the Hall of Fame will be announced at Canonsburg's event on Sept. 14. Some of the nominees include Como, Vinton and the Four Coins, as well as Bing Crosby, Nate King Cole, Patti Page and Frank Sinatra.

Hazlett spoke of the nomination criteria: "Disc jockeys, music artists and music writers from around the country are on the selection committee, and every year we will induct 10 new members."

Rhome and Hazlett could not yet announce where the hall of fame will be located, but were able to reveal it would be close to their current location, as they stood on a stage on Pike Street.

Rhome added, "We've raised $50,000 for this venture, but we need residents and corporate America from all over Washington County to aid us in this endeavor," Rhome added. "We believe that the American Pop Music Hall of Fame will put Canonsburg on the musical map and we can celebrate Canonsburg's rich history of musical talent."

Patch will have more details as they develop.


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