Motion for Injunctive Relief Filed in Marcellus Shale Legal Challenge

Cecil Attorney John Smith said he is hopeful a hearing will be set in Commonwealth Court soon.

—known as Act 13—have asked the Commonwealth Court for an expedited hearing for injunctive relief.

Attorney John Smith, of , who is spearheading the legal challenge, said Tuesday that he is hopeful that the Commonwealth Court will set a hearing soon to consider the request.

The goal, he said, is that an injunction would be granted, which would delay the implementation of Act 13 until the court can hear the case, and decide the merits of the consitutional challenge.

Act 13 is set to go into effect April 14.

, Peters Township, South Fayette, Robinson Township and Mt. Pleasant Township are among the communities that have signed onto the challenge.

Editor's Note: A copy of the court documentation can be viewed in the attached PDF documents.


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