Town Park Pool Project Hits Snag

Canonsburg Council was set to open bids Monday for the liner replacement project—but there were none.


What it doesn’t have yet is a contractor to do the work.

Council on Monday was set to open bids on the project only to find there were no bidders.

The borough’s engineer said that two contractors were set to submit bids, but got hung up in the bonding process.

Council ultimately sided with its engineer, who suggested giving contractors one more week to submit their bid documents.

Solicitor Pat Derrico said there would be no problem with the extension since nobody submitted a bid by the original deadline.

“The risk for all of us is if we don’t get it done, the pool won’t be able to open next year,” Councilman Rich Russo reiterated to council.

Council hopes to have bids to open at its voting meeting Monday—when a contract is expected to be awarded.

Editor’s Note: To read about an upcoming fundraiser for Town Park Pool’s liner, .


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