Canon-Mac Celebrates Homecoming With a Parade and a Big Game.

Fans gathered on Pike to watch the Canon-McMillan High School students march down the street in celebration of the Homecoming Friday.

Jody Centore waited on Pike Street in Canonsburg Friday as her boys among a throng of football fans.

Centore's son Joshua, a sophomore, marched down the street with the band. Her other son, Vincent, a senior, was riding in a parade vehicle as part of the Homecoming Court.

Centore waited with her daughter Sarah, and her parents, Nancy and Cornelius Walker. Grandma Walker was sporting big buttons with photos of both grandsons, Josh and Vinny.

Centore said, "Josh is in the band and Vinny plays soccer, but he's on the Homecoming Court tonight."

Her mother, Nancy Walker, added, "I am so proud of both of my grandsons!"

The homecoming court consisted Hayden Smutney, Mary Wattick,
Anthony Sciulli, Becca Veres, Mike Reis, Jordan Muckle, Joseph Helinski,
Breanna McCartney, Colleen Buckley and the aforementioned Vinny Centore.  

The band, the cheerleaders, and other clubs marched down Pike and turned onto West Jefferson and into the stadium. The National Honor Society, the Environmental Club and others followed the band, including the actors in the school play, “James and the Giant Peach,” running November 9, 10, and 11.

Also in the parade was a group of toga-clad students brightly splashed with colorful body paint, resembling Jackson Pollock’s “Convergence,” and a contingent of shirtless boys sporting blue and yellow letters on their chests.

The Big Macs took to the field amid controversy. Several players were prohibited for playing in the game for an incident involving underage drinking. The missing players were a huge detriment to the team Friday.

At halftime, the Bethel Park Blackhawks had scored nine points, leaving the Big Macs scoreless. During the halftime show, Mike Reis and Jordan Muckle were crowned homecoming king and queen.

Muckle posed with her mom, Lisa Greathouse, a former Canon-Mac Homecoming Queen.

After the ceremony, Muckle gathered up several bouquets and watched the game with her best friends. She said, “I can’t describe this. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I want to add that I love my best friends!”

Muckle will be escorted to the dance tonight by Brandon Wherley. Reis will be taking Heather DeMarino to the dance.

“This was amazing!” an ecstatic Reis said, “Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I can’t believe it.”

After the half, the game did not improve for the Big Macs. The Blackhawks continued to peck at the Big Macs. At the third quarter, the Halloween clad Blackhawks (in white, black and orange) spooked the blue and gold.

The Big Macs were shut out. The final tally? Blackhawks 29, Big Macs 0.


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