Theatre Etiquette 101: Shhh out there!

Movie and show theater etiquette

So, have you ever sat through a movie realizing you had gum on your shoe? Ever went to see a local professional showing of "West Side Story" only to find the teenagers from your high school were annoyingly singing along with the cast right behind you?

Well, after thinking about the term 'etiquette,' I am almost embarassed to say it took me way too long to come up with a post about theaters, be that movie or going to see a show.

Here are some commandments for you to remember.

1. Thou shall shut up- Yeah, you, the one right behind me. Please stop talking! You're actually ruining what everyone is trying to watch with your conversation.We don't want to know the end of the movie, don't ask stupid questions, just shut up!

2. Thou shall turn off thy cell phone- Just like most places (office, doctor's waiting room, etc.), people need quiet so they can actually hear lovely voices blending in harmony on the stage or the gore of a horror movie, not "the number you have called has been disconnected, please try again."

3. Seats are not headrests- While your dirt-stained shoes are sitting on the top of the chair, someones' head is between them. Ew. Just don't, please.

4. Late are we?- Sure, you may have predicted how long the previews were and left a little later. But guess what? You're still late. Time waits for no one. I mean heck, you don't start a book mid-way through, do you?

5. Clean Up Please!- Much like in retail, the stuff you leave around will have to be cleaned up by someone. Please wait 'til the end of the movie and instead of leaving that sticky mess on the floor, clean your stuff up and throw it in the trash recepticle. Is that really such a difficult concept? This is not your living room!

6. If possible- leave a seat between you and the stranger next to you. We understand that can't always happen, especially on a Friday night when a new movie comes out, but try at least! No one likes the awkward closeness of someone they’ve never met in a darkened room. That's just plain creepy.

7. Yeah we know-Prices cost too much—why is there an extra charge for 3-D glasses? Yeah, we all know and complain. Just grin and bear it.

These are just a few of the things to make each others lives in the theater a little more bearable. Now, somebody pass the Icee and popcorn!

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