Patch Pet(s) of the Month: Dusty and Dolly

Do you have room in your heart and home for this dynamic duo?

They are so much fun to watch. First is the big windup.

To Dusty and Dolly, it must feel like a very long walk to the play yard. The anticipation runs right through the leashes and they both know the way. These two joyful rottie mixes who spend most of their time in a kennel together, relish the opportunity to swoop and crash into each other, especially when the weather is cool.

The heat dampens the urge to play, but the play yard is still their destination of choice.

Dolly, the more mature of the two, exercises her dominion over Dusty, her (presumed) son, by chasing him, then grabbing his ankles, causing him to tumble to the ground.

Dusty is thrilled to be engaged this way and takes it like a champ, first bowled over and then a rolled back to his feet to start the chase again. When mama Dolly has had enough, she just lays down in the cool grass in the shadiest spot she can find and the game is over 'til Dusty has teased her back into the chase again.  

Dolly has that refined rottie face, body and coloring, with a patience and sweetness toward people that puts them right at ease. She is an easy walking partner, staying next to her leashed handler without pulling. She sits when asked and takes treats gently.

A young senior dog, Dolly is a retiring matron that would make a wonderful companion for almost anyone. Her demands are few, and her needs quite meager compared to most dogs. Not a person who has met Dolly can find flaw with this sweetheart dog.  

The only plausible explanation for Dusty’s wide, wildly striped head, blocky body and crooked tail is that he was sired by a wildebeest! Dusty looks like no other dog ... he is quite unique and though he will not win a beauty contest, he is beloved by everyone who knows him.

He is also very much the puppy—attention-seeking, but not cloying—playful, but not crazy. Dusty is a gentle beast who is learning from Dolly that sitting upon request yields great rewards—be they treats, a kind word or a satisfying scratch under the chin. He grins with his long, pink tongue falling out of his mouth and he adores being handled. No problem hugging this rotund boy, he will always come back for more.  

Dusty and Dolly are veterans of the offsite circuit, greeting all visitors to Petco, at parades and other Angel Ridge offsite venues (just a short ride from , and ) with nice manners and good humor. Both would make great pets for most families including those with kids. They can be separated, but if kept together, it would make for an instant family and probably an easier transition for both of the dogs.  

If you have a question or would like to meet Dusty and Dolly, please call Judy at 724-223-9325 or Cindy at 412-576-3445, or email cindy.coupe@verizon.net.  

Editor's Note: Here's more information on the organization caring for these two cuties:

Angel Ridge Animal Rescue 724-229-7053

390 Old Hickory Ridge Road Washington, PA 15301


Hours: Tuesday-Sunday. 12 p.m.-5 p.m.


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